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TPSU Attendees

Thank you for attending the TPSU 401(k) Plan Sponsor Seminar<br/>

Thank you for attending the TPSU 401(k) Plan Sponsor Seminar

We help with Plan Participant Outcomes - The proof is in the process!  We provide you with sound, proven steps customized to your needs and expectations. As an extension of your team, we improve employee retention by providing financial wellness and readiness guidance.

"78% of workers say they will stay with their employer IF they offer a financial wellness program."

"Plan Sponsors have an unprecedented level of authority and responsibility for the success of their program."

"They need to fulfill their responsibilities and be able to prove it through proper documentation."

With the growing number of 401(k) lawsuits, increased litigation, ever-evolving rules and complexity of regulations, it is important to have a retirement plan specialist that can help you meet your fiduciary duties. That’s why we make the plan review process simple and repeatable. Your team will feel confident you're on top of compliance with the ever-changing landscape, while also exceeding with your employee's satisfaction.

Encompass Wealth Advisers can help you:

  • Improve employee retention
  • Enhance outcomes for your participants
  • Satisfy Plan Governance through documentation

How We Exceed Expectations

  • Niche Focus: We are 401(k) Plan Specialists
  • Online Presence and Authority as Subject Matter Experts
  • Support Plan Sponsors with their
    Fiduciary Responsibility and Financial Wellness Programs

Our Financial Advisors are here to provide the guidance you need to remain compliant with your organization's 401(k)

Sheldon Nix, WMCP®, RICP®, C(k)P®, QPFC®

Christopher Bozzuto, CFP®

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Plan Sponsor Resources

Our priority is helping you take care of your Fiduciary responsibilities with your 401(k) plan. We are interested in learning about your situation, identifying what matters most to your participants, and understanding your company's goals. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication are the cornerstone of our successful foundation.

Please enjoy these resources, all geared towards HR Professional Plan Sponsors who attended the TPSU 401(k) CE Seminar: