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Christopher Bozzuto, CFP®

Christopher Bozzuto, CFP®

Financial Advisor

I was born in Berlin, CT. I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger sister. My father built and ran an autobody shop his entire life. My mother, while raising 4 kids, worked several jobs as her needs and interests changed. My father was from Italian immigrants and passed away from AML. My mom was born and raised on a chicken farm in CT. Together, they raised me to participate in sports, music, and to find my passion. What I learned most from both was to always leave someone better than I found them. Life is about helping others and letting your legacy be what others say about you. Work ethic was the centerpiece while growing up. These lessons shaped who I am and how I see the world. Everything I have is because I had to work for it and earn it.

I took these and many other lessons and found my passion in helping other people. There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than when someone sincerely thanks you for the help you provided and appreciates the work you put into it. In reality, the work was put in long before I ever met them. I was just fortunate enough that they allowed me to practice my purpose with them.

I live in Fair Oaks, CA, and am married with 2 girls and 1 boy. My wife is the most important person in my life who has helped me become who I am as a man, father, husband, and advisor. I continue to be reminded, especially in these complex, uncertain, challenging, and constantly changing times that my profession is sorely needed and doesn’t have a pre-planned retirement date. I won’t know everything, but I will do everything to serve my purpose and look after my clients as part of my professional family who have honored me with their trust.